Imperial Stables

Robust, quality you can see

Monarch’s range of traditional internal stables remains as popular as ever.  Over the years we have continually  updated our designs and manufacturing techniques to bring our customers exceptional quality stables.

A Choice of Stable Divisions

Upper Grilled, Fully Boarded or a combination of both – to suit every preference.


AW-Fronts-Sliding-doors-with-Anti-Chew-StripSlide thumbnail

External fronts with anti-weave hinged door
and anti-chew strips

AW-Hinged-Door-with-Anti-Chew-Strip-HardwoodSlide thumbnail

Anti-weave hinged doors with anti-chew strip

AW-Hinged-Doors-with-Anti-Chew-Strip-HardwoodSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, anti-weave hinged doors with
anti-chew strip

AW-Sliding-Doors-Brown-Plastic-and-MangerSlide thumbnail

Brown plastic, anti-weave sliding doors.

Imperial-Stables-Black-Plastic-AW-Sliding-DoorSlide thumbnail

Black plastic, anti-weave sliding doors

Full-Timber-DivisionSlide thumbnail

Full timber divisions

AW-Sliding-Doors-Hardwood-(1)Slide thumbnail

Anti-weave sliding door

AW-Sliding-doors-HardwoodSlide thumbnail

Anti-weave sliding door

Bottom-Hinged-Doors-with-Anti-Chew-Strip-HardwoodSlide thumbnail

Hardwood bottom hinged doors with anti-chew strip

Imperial-Stables-Bottom-Hinged-Door-2Slide thumbnail

Hardwood, bottom hinged door

Imperial-Stables-Bottom-Hinged-DoorSlide thumbnail

Imperial stables bottom hinged door

Imperial-Stables-with-AW-Sliding-Door-Brown-PlasticSlide thumbnail

Imperial stables with AW sliding door brown plastic

Full-Timber-Division2Slide thumbnail

Full timber divisions

Qatar-Brown-Plastic-divisionsSlide thumbnail

Upper grill divisions