Regal Regency

The Regency design has clean straight lines which allow for the addition of sliding doors. This practical option allows maximum space in the passageways between stables. The finishing touches are added with chrome caps on top of the round posts. The unique self close Monarch doors enable an easy shut feature that is available on all of Monarch stables.

Options Available

• Bottom Hinged or Anti-Weave Hinged Door

• Sliding Doors

• Hardwood, plastic or bamboo,

• Split Pony Doors

• Finish of your choice

The other Regal Range options available:

Regal Victorian

Regal Elizabethan

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Hardwood, anti-weave hinged door

UK Handmade Bespoke Monarch StablesSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, anti-weave sliding door

Stables with Sliding Doors and Swivel Mangers

Hardwood, anti-weave sliding door