Majestic Regency

The Regency design utilises the same materials and fittings as the Elizabethan and Victorian designs however the straight edged finish allows for the addition of sliding doors useful in situations where space is restricted.

As with all the Majestic stables the round posts are capped with brass finials and the unique brass self closing door fittings add the finishing touches to this elegant range.

Options Available

Bottom Hinged or Sliding Doors (anti-weave or full grill).

Elements of each design can be combined for a more individual look and the galvanised framework can also be powder coated in a colour of your choice.

The other Majestic Range options available:

Majestic Victorian

Majestic Elizabethan

Majestic-Regency-Green-PC—Tom-DavinSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, green with anti-weave hinged doors

Majestic-Regency-with-Sliding-Doors-and-Powder-Coated-BlackSlide thumbnail

Hardwood in black

Majestic-Regency-Black-Powder-CoatedSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, black with anti-weave hinged doors

Monarch-Majestic-Regency-Black-PC-(2)Slide thumbnail

Hardwood with anti-weave sliding doors in black

Majestric-Regency–Galvanised-in-BrickworkSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, anti-weave hinged doors and grills in brickwork

Wooden Posh Stables for Horses.

Bamboo, black with anti-weave hinged doors

Majestic-Regency-Royal-Stables-QatarSlide thumbnail

Hardwood, black with anti-weave hinged doors

Stable Division Between Horse Stables

Hardwood, green dual rail upper grill division

Timber Stable Division for Horses

Hardwood, dual rail fully boarded division