Monarch Consort Plus Horse Exerciser

The Consort Plus provides further protection with the inner and out fence lined with reinforced rubber to 4’0” high.. As with all models the hydraulic control unit and control console cabinet is included.



36’0” Diameter – 4, 5 or 6 Horse
45’0” Diameter – 5 or 6 Horse

The Advantage of Monarch Exercisers

  • 2 year guarantee with further 2 year parts only
  • In house low cost finance plan
  • Optimum safety features
  • Fully galvanised weather protection
  • Choice of rubber / mesh curved fences
  • Infinitely variable hydraulic speed control
  • Optional electronic controls with twin timers and auto reverse
  • Optional electrified pushers
  • Optional assisted braking
  • Larger diameter professional models also available
  • Rubber floor pavers for track way
  • Roofs available for all models
  • Professional fitting teams and service engineers

Monarch Consort Plus Horse Exerciser with Roof

Monarch Consort Plus Horse Exerciser with Roof

Manual Control Box

Manual Control Box – supplied as standard

Optional Extras

Assisted braking system
Electrified pushers
Electronic control unit

The Electronically controlled hydraulic unit is available as standard on our professional models and as an extra on all other models, it gives the following advantages over the manual model.


  • Easier to use – simply dial up the speed you require.
  • Simple controls especially useful if a number of staff involved.
  • More precise speed control – eliminates any sudden changes in speed.
  • Smooth change of direction – gradually builds up to pre-set speed.
  • Prevents excessive wear and tear- removes the temptation to stop the exerciser without using the flow control which will cause excessive wear.
  • Auto reverse and timer – additional features also available.

Electronic Control Box

Electronic Control Box

Rubber Floor Pavers

Monarch recommend the use of rubber floor pavers where the horses will be walking on the Exerciser. They provide an attractive hardwearing, level surface, which is slip resistant and low maintenance. The rubber paver floor is easily cleaned by brushing and hosing , where loose surfaces will mix with the droppings making keeping them clean much harder.
The paver floor are easily replaced when required with individual pavers lifted and replaced only in the worn areas, leaving the remaining floor intact, thus saving time and money on replacement of the surface.
If you decide to have a paver floor we recommend Power Floating the concrete base to ensure a smooth surface , to ensure the best finish on your paver floor.
Please note : Rubber paver floors are not recommended where horses will be working at speed.

Pavers in Red

Horse Walker Pavers in Red


Monarch offers the unique option of a specially designed roof for their Horse Exercisers. This option can be added at any time, as long as our base plans have been adhered to, with no extra cost for any further ground work.

The special design allows the horses to be protected from the elements, with the track way generously covered with a bronze tinted polycarbonate roof. This allows natural light to enter while still affording some protection from strong sunlight. The open nature of the centre means fresh air can circulate easily giving the horses a healthy environment to work in. Guttering is provided over the gateway .

Customers can also provide their own roofs.

Consort Plus with Roof

Consort Plus with Roof