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Monarch Horse Exercisers are extremely reliable but even the best machines require routine maintenance. In order for it to continue to offer you excellent value for money in the years to come, we recommend that you have it serviced every 12 – 24 months dependent upon use.

A service will include the following:

  • Checking the general condition of the Exerciser including all fences and pushers
  • Servicing the Control Unit – changing all seals and checking oil pressure
  • Changing Oil and Filters
  • Checking all wiring and connections
  • Re-adjusting the Assisted Braking System (Where applicable)
  • Re-adjusting the Electrified Pushers Voltage (Where applicable)
  • Re-silicone any parts required
  • Checking the condition of Electric Motors
  • Re-grease all Bearings in Bearing Plate and Flange Bearings
  • Check condition of Gear Box, Bearing plate and Shaft
  • Removing all debris from the base of the Exerciser

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Book a Horse Walker Service

Book a Horse Walker Service

A full service usually takes approximately 2 – 3 hours.

A service costs £215.00 plus mileage & VAT. Any parts that are deemed to be in need of a replacement will incur extra cost. We do try to group services together to reduce mileage costs, so please do let us know even if you do not require one for a few months. Please be aware that credit card details will be required to secure the appointment and payment will be taken once the service has been completed.