Those extras that make all the difference

Monarch also supplies a range of accessories to meet your needs, including:

Stable Mats
Tie Rings
Auto Water Bowls
Tie Posts
Rug Rails
Door Chains

Monarch offer an extensive range of accessores for the stables, designed specifically for convenience, comfort and above all safety.


Monarch Equestrian Accessories


Monarch Equestrian – Accessories



Swivel Mangers

Our popular swivel manger frame can be used to house a range of feed troughs.  The frame swings the trough out of the stable to fill and back in again, resulting in much quicker feed times .There are several options for the troughs that can be attached to the swivel frame, from the removable galvanised trough to the plastic or aluminium fixed manager.

Options Available

Galvanised Steel
Cast aluminium
Plastic Manger

Fixed Mangers

Monarch also offer a strong galvanised trough as a fixed manger to be permanently attached to the side of the stable.

Plastic Corner Manger

Plastic corner manger, which has an aluminium support frame, the plastic manager can easily be removed for cleaning.

swivel-manger2Slide thumbnail

Plastic swivel manger

swivel-manger1Slide thumbnail

Galvanised steel swivel manger

Cast aluminium swivel mangerSlide thumbnail

Cast aluminium swivel manger

Plastic Corner Manger with FramesSlide thumbnail

Hay Racks

The Low Level Corner Hay Feeder has been designed to provide a natural feeding position for the horse with hay dropping down to a low level. The feeder is filled quickly and easily through a hatch in the front grill and has plenty of room for an ample supply of hay or haylage to be stored.

The Corner Hay Feeder provides an open topped hay feeder, the front of the feeder is boarded with hardwood timber or plastic to compliment your stable. Encouraging the low feeding position which benefits the horses muscle development.

low-hay-rackSlide thumbnail

Low level corner hay feeder

high-low-hay-rackSlide thumbnail

Low / high hay rack

Stable Mats

100% Rubber Stable Mats 6’ x 4’ (1.83 x1.22m) 17mm Thick

Top quality Rubber Floor Mats provide significant benefits to both Horse and Groom, saving time on mucking out and reducing bedding costs while providing a shock absorbing surface for the horse, helping to prevent injury from cold hard floors.

All Mats have one grooved surface and one patterned surface

Tie Rings

Recessed Tie Rings are available to be pre fitted to timber sections in your stables, these sit flush with the boards when not in use. They can be positioned for tying up horses or for hay nets as required.

Plate Tie Rings are suitable for attaching to brick or block work and are secured by four screws.

Screw In Tie Rings are useful where a tie ring is required on a metal section or post, eg for securing door chains or in conjunction with Tie Posts.

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Screw tie ring

tie-ring2Slide thumbnail

Plate tie ring

tie-ring3Slide thumbnail

Recessed tie ring

Automatic Water Bowl

Self filling vitreous cast iron water bowl with a stainless steel hinged cover , can supply a constant supply of water to your horse, with no buckets to get caught up in or knock over. (Supply only)


Self filling vitreous cast iron water bowl

Self filling vitreous cast iron water bowl


Tie Posts

Tie Posts are a practical solution for tying up horses for grooming , in wash bays or under a Solarium. Posts can be positions to suit and can be supplied with or without brass finials.




Tie Posts

Tie Posts

Rug Rails

A variety of rugs rails are available please contact us for further details.


Rug rail

Rug Rail

Door Chains

Plastic coated stables chains supplied for stable doorways making it easier to go in and out of the stables and allowing addition air flow in hot weather. We can also tailor make chains to suit stalls if required.


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